Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art Goods: Elisa Shere Jewelry

Hello, everyone!  Today was my first day at WHOLE FOODS!  It was very exciting and fun and I'm a little pooped out/overloaded with information.  So today I am bringing you a (small) post on the jewelry of Elisa Shere.  Elisa Shere is a jewelry maker/metalsmith here in Baltimore who makes "Eco-silver jewelry with a rustic urban feel."  I do consider jewelry making an art, and you may have noticed that lately I have been posting what I am now calling "Art Goods"- basically art pieces that are functional or more retail-y, like plates or necklaces or what-have you.....and Elisa Shere's gorgeous, minimalist, recycled, and all-around awesome jewelry is a great of example of art that doesn't have to hang on a wall in your home or at a gallery.

I own a ring exactly like the one above, which I bought at Baltimore's massive yearly arts festival, Artscape, this year. I walked up to her booth, looked down at this ring, and swooned immediately.  I don't often buy jewelry, and I am quite particular about what I like, but still I was on a tight budget and really couldn't afford it.  So, I walked on and tried to find something else I liked that was a bit...cheaper.  A block down the street, I realized it was no use, called my bank to double-check, and walked right back and bought it.  And I am so glad I did, as I absolutely LOVE my ring and have never regretted the purchase (even if I had to eat PB&J's for a couple of nights)!  I feel that anyone who picks up an Elisa Shere piece probably feels the same way- you walk around all day feeling like what you are wearing is truly a piece of art and not just another ring or necklace or whatever.  Hopefully I can pick up a few more of her pieces in time, and have my own little Elisa Shere collection!  (P.S. Sorry if this post wasn't very exciting for the male readers out there....but maybe it's a good little gift idea for those special ladies in your life?)  ~Sarah

Check out Elisa's work at her Etsy shop, Elisasherejewelry.etsy.com, and visit her at her blog, Elisashere.blogspot.com!

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