Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lines & Shapes

The image above is of some of the books made by Lines & Shapes.  Lines & Shapes is primarily a book publishing artist collective curated by artists/designers Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese.  I first came across Lena Corwin on, once again, Design*Sponge, where I liked her work enough to start clicking on a bunch of links, which eventually led me to the Lines & Shapes website.  I really love all the artists featured in the books they produce, and had so much fun & felt so inspired browsing through them online this morning that I felt compelled to write a post so that you all could have fun & be inspired too! I feel like there is a trend in certain realms of contemporary art right now that mixes and merges design with fine art and diy products that results in a very homegrown minimalist, graphic, and sweet art.  Much of this art is about life and about incorporating art into functional objects and daily living, and includes the realms of home, garden, and kitchen.  I. love. it.

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