Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art Goods: Anthropologie + Nathalie Lete

Good morning!  Today I can't resist sharing the Nathalie Lete collection from Anthropologie.  I was in the Georgetown Anthropologie last week, and saw these plates and swooned.  Were I not a poor college graduate, I would have bought several and decorated my wall with them.  I still might give in and do so....

The plates are the result of a collaboration between the Parisian artist Nathalie Lete and the popular women's clothing and home goods store Anthropologie.  I wish all plates could be this cute and whimsical!  They are certainly day-brighteners, and I'm so happy that stores like Anthropologie make the effort to partner with artists to create original and creative pieces of functional art.  They're fairly affordable, and are a good way to make art a part of your daily life without investing in, say, an expensive painting.  I am a huge fan of art in all sects and on all things, because art is not just what you find in museums, it is a way of life! ~Sarah

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  1. yes, great plates, but you ARE a poor college graduate