Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spotlight: Kali Ciesemier

Good Wednesday, everybody!  It's a grey day in Baltimore, but as I went for a little run and had some coffee, I am all awake and happy.  As I don't have the post schedule nailed down quite yet, I figured I would post a Spotlight today, because I feel like I haven't posted one in awhile!

Today's Spotlight is on local Baltimore artist and illustrator Kali Ciesemier.  Kali is a friend and former roommate of mine, and I love her illustrations- they always make me happy, especially the above illustration of cakes!  Kali is primarily a freelance illustrator, but she is also currently teaching illustration at MICA, where she graduated from in 2008.  Kali puts a lot of heart & soul into her work, and it shows!  When I was living with her, she was always working- she really cares about what she does and is extremely talented.  I think my favorite two things about Kali's work are her colors- usually a limited color palette, but full of nuance and great shades- and her subjects, always playful and smart.  Even with the various jobs she gets- she has illustrated for Air Tran's GO! Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Pagepath Technologies, Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, Time Out NY Magazine, and many others- her style is always recognizable and her work is always wonderful!

(Illustration for Time Out NY Magazine)

(Illustration for "Vs." Exhibition at The Wind-Up Space)

To check out more of Kali's work, you can go to her website, or check out her blog at!

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