Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Mystery of Picasso

The clip above is from the movie "The Mystery of Picasso," a film by 

Henri-Georges Clouzot. Produced in 1956, it is a documentary that shows 
Picasso himself, painting. Picasso made 20 new artworks just for the film, 
and we watch them be created before our eyes, step-by-step. The artworks 
were made using inks that bleed through the paper, so we are watching in 
real time from behind the canvas, as Picasso reveals "the mystery of creativity."  
By contract, most of the paintings were destroyed when the film was finished.  
The French government declared it a national treasure in 1984. I highly 
recommend it, especially for anyone interested in seeing what truly happens
when an artist- in this case, a master- makes work.

P.S. Obviously, I'm having some formatting issues with the text in this post. I think 
it has something to do with the video, but I can't seem to fix it myself. So, I apologize for
the difficult read, and if anyone has any advice on how to fix this issue, please let me 
know! ~Sarah


  1. Sarah, I love your latest posts. I've seen the Picasso video before and it is eye-opening...anything to do with the spirit I enjoy (I spend a lot of time there)...and it's REALLY great that you linked in a local artist. This blog is looking good overall...